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Miss Scotland 2017, Clash of the Titan's & my tips on getting ready for a big night out.

This week I really did feel like a social butterfly. I had 3 events to attend in one week which I actual find very stressful. I prefer to have one night out or event in one week, three is just way too much. This was also the first weekend that I have taken the night off from singing it was actually so nice to be able to spend Saturday night socialising with my friends as I am always booked to perform on Saturday nights.

Tanya McAlister Miss Scotland 2017 Finalist

My first event of the week was Miss Scotland 2017 supporting one of the models from my agency and my best friend Tanya McAlister. Tanya had made it through to the final 12 out of thousands of applications and I was super duper proud of her. Tanya looked absolutely stunning in an aqua green floor length dress.

I was so disappointed that Tanya did not make the top five as she was without doubt one of the most beautiful girls on the Miss Scotland stage and in my opinion she should have been placed in the top three. I did think however the newly crowned Miss Scotland 2017 Romy McCahill was a deserved winner, she was a vision in a stunning red glitzy gown and reminded me of a young Scarlet Johansson.

Romy Cahill winner of Miss Scotland 2017

For Miss Scotland 2017 I wore a mint green floor length gown with little sparkes on it which was super classy but was quite low cut so for myself having a big bust it was quite revealing but I suppose if you have got it why not flaunt it and my chest is definitely one of my best assets.

I wore my hair in two little buns which is very much on trend right now and I put my Halo hair extensions in which I just love, they are without a doubt the easiest way to put hair extensions in without all the hassle, just put the invisible Halo wire on your head literally like an angel's Halo and pull you own hair through with a tail comb to hide the Halo Extensions. Honestly they look so natural especially if you get the perfect colour match.

So off we went to Kokomo nightcub in Glasgow to drown our sorrows for Tanya not being crowned as Miss Scotland 2017. However we were celebrating too as it was such an achievement for Tanya to get through to that far of the competition.

I also bumped into former X Factor finalist Nicky McDonald.

Saturday night I then attended the Clash of The Titan's event at The Marriott Hotel in Glasgow in memory of my friend "Stuart McLevy" who had tragically passed away in a Jet Ski accident earlier this year.

The opening part of the night was dedicated to Stuart and it was so beautiful and very emotional, pictures of Stuart with his friends and family were projected on the big screen while three live bag pipers played "Amazing Grace. Stuart was such a big handsome boy and was one of the funniest people that you could ever meet. It is so nice that Phoenix Fitness Glasgow is keeping Stuart's memory alive.

The clash of the Titans event had 13 boxing matches in total. This is the second time that I have seen a boxing match live and I must admit I loved it. My favourite boxer who really stood out for me and knocked his opponent out was Scott Irvine a local boy from Glasgow. I would really encourage anyone who wants a fantastic night to book tickets for the next Clash of The Titans Event.

The night was far from finished as I headed out to the Alea Casino in the Springfield Quay in Glasgow to watch the Connor McGregor and the Floyd Mayweather fight. I thought Connor McGregor did so well for his first ever boxing match and I was hoping that he would win but sadly it wasn't to be.

So since I am always getting dressed up for gigs and events I thought I would share some of my tips on looking good.

So here are my five tips to look great on a night out.

1. Always organise your outfit beforehand

I always sort out what I am going to wear on nights out, on stage and events the week before. I use an app on my iphone called Pureple and it is basically an online wardrobe.

You take pictures off all your items in your wardrobe and you can pick out your outfits wherever you are. It is such a fantastic app especially for myself being an entertainer as I have to dress up several times per week and I don't have the time to sit in my room and go through outfits so I do it on my app while I am on the go. The only downside is make sure you back up everything from your app as I dropped my last iphone down the toilet and I didn't back up my wardrobe and as you can imagine I wanted to scream as the ten hours I spent putting all my favourite items on the app had been wasted and I had to start all over again.

The other great thing about the app is it has a favourite section so you can save your best outfits which means if you have last minute plans or a special occasion you know you can just pull an outfit from your favourites section and know you will look great.

2. Get some stick on Nails

Another thing I love is stick on nails. I used to get my nails manicured every couple of weeks and get nail extensions but they literally ruin your nails. I have very brittle nails plus my nails grow so fast that I am lucky if I get a week and a half out of set of acrylics before I need to go back and get another infill its just so expensive.

My amazing £1 stick on nails from Primark.

I only ever get stick on nails from Primark their new range is fantastic and prices start from £1 up to £3, they literally have every style, colour and shape you could possibly imagine.

I bought the white stiletto style this week. They cost me a £1 and they lasted me two nights out, you can also get another full set out of the box with what is left over. The new glue that Primark has included is so strong which makes the nails stay on all night. Also if they get a bit dirty and you want to wear them the next day just put a couple of coats of your favourite nail polish over them which dries so quickly over the plastic material of the fake nails and voila more money has been saved.

3. Oil your legs

If you are wearing a skirt or dress make sure you give your legs a good shave and then get some baby oil and slather loads of it on your bottom legs and thighs and even your arms if you are wearing a revealing top. The oil makes your tan ( if you have one) look amazing plus the oil makes your legs look slimmer and they will be really soft and smooth.

4. Get a killer cleavage

Perfect Cleavage with no bra

I am really lucky that I have a natural big bust but sometimes they don't sit as nice as I want them to in certain outfits. The trick to getting your boobs to stay up and give you a killer cleavage is so simple just cut a hair bobble and tie your dress or bra straps together at the back of your neck, wear your hair down so that no one can see the bobble and voila you will have the best cleavage ever. Your friends will probably ask you if you have had a boob job. This trick works for all cup sizes ;)

5. Get a professional pedicure.

Now the one thing I don't mind spending money on is a full spa pedicure. It is the most relaxing thing ever especially if you have been working hard and been on your feet a lot.

I am really lucky that I have naturally soft feet but I still like to go to a salon that uses the blade to get the little dry skin that I do have off of my feet. I also love when the girl at the salon massages your feet... there really is nothing like it.

However one thing I am not so lucky with is the look of my feet. I was definitely at the back of the line when God gave out toes. You will rarely see me wearing flip flops or open toed shoes. If I do a pedicure is a must, there is nothing worse than seeing someone look beautifully dressed and then look down to see dirty manky feet with dry flaky skin. Yuck!

If you don't have time to get a pedicure wear closed in shoes or my favourites which are peep toes then you only have to paint your big toe plus they hide long horrible shaped toes just like mine.

So that's me told you guys all about my busy week and my horrible feet lol.

Check back next week for my next blog post..

If you can't wait follow me on my snapchat ashstarcollins

Love Ashley xxx

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