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Updated: Mar 27, 2023

I don't know about you guys but it is officially spring but it does not feel like it in Glasgow. The weather has been awful, overcast, grey and oh so windy. I feel like this time last year the weather was glorious, we even had the sun at the end of February and a sort of mini heat wave in March. It is now coming to the end of March and I swear I have seen the sun in Glasgow Scotland three times for literally what was about ten minutes each day.

No wonder we have such a high depression rate in the West of Scotland.

On a positive note I have joined a new gym and have been going all of the time. I have been doing Yoga and swimming every second day and after two months I am back in my size 10 jeans after putting quite a bit of weight on during lockdown. I think everyone gained weight in lockdown to be honest. I know nearly every one of my family and friends did.

Exercise is really just amazing for the mind and the body. Having ADHD I really notice that my ADHD symptoms are a million miles better when I exercise all of the time. Plus my moods are so much more stable and happy and my concentration is so much better also.

After being a member of The Glasgow Club gym for years I decided to join David Llyod as the Glasgow Club took away the health suite and spa at my local club which was so frustrating. I think that because the Glasgow Club Gym was so affordable I was paying it every month and never using it. The David Llyod gym being more expensive is making me get my ass up out of bed everyday and using my membership to get my money's worth lol.

Plus it has an outdoor pool and full health suite spa and outdoor jacuzzi which I will use in summer (Thats if we get a summer this year) as I live in a tenement and don't have my own garden. Plus our shared garden gets no sun at all so my plan is to lay by the pool at The David Llyod club most of the summer and pretend I am in Marbella as I dont want to go on hoiday as I will miss my two dogs too much.

My favourite classes are Spirit, Dance Fitness and Yoga.

Spirit is a mix between Dance, Yoga and Tia Chi It is literally amazing.

Dance Fitness has the best instructor and it is a fun class with ballet training workouts with weights, so good for a performer like myself.

Yoga is such a great class to do also as it gives me lean muscle and I don't feel knackered after the gym. I find when I do high intensity workouts I literally struggle to get out of bed the next day. After my yoga or Spirit class I feel refreshed, strong, focused and all my aches and pains are gone.

I have suffered from a really sore upper back since I was 23 years old when I was involved in a high speed car accident. I swear i think my shoulder is dislocated although at the time I thought it was only my wrist i broke however the impact has left me with pain in my right shoulder and it constantly pops in and out of place. It also makes a grinding and cracking sound. Ha Ha attractive lol.

I have been to chiropractors and had lots of tia massages ( which are brilliant by the way) however it is only a short term fix and the constant pain comes back again.

Yoga has gave me a long term solution and as long as I am going to my classes every other day I literally have been pain free since I joined the David Llyod Glasgow Club. I also get really sore joints in my hands and in my fingers and I have been getting really sore feet since I had a jet ski accident last summer. I keep getting shooting pains in my feet and nerve pain in my right foot and ankle. The pain is now a lot more manageable after building the strength back up in my right leg and foot with Yoga.

Honestly guys you need to give Yoga a go it is honestly a bit of a lifechanger cheesy I know but a hundred percent true.

So the weather is rubbish but I am feeling happy and refreshed with my new exercise regime at my local David Llyod club.

Hope you're all happy and well

Ashley Collins

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